LPN Options – Home Health Care

LPNs that have completed training are eligible to work in many health care settings, such as nursing homes, hospitals, long-term care facilities and assisted-living centers. In addition to the above-mentioned options, LPNs are increasingly taking advantage of opportunities to work in a patient’s home as a home-health nurse. LPNs who work in this environment can […]

Documentation Requirements for LPNs

As a licensed practical nurse, it is essential that you accurately document your daily activities. This careful attention to detail will help ensure that patients get the highest quality of care and will help protect you at the same time. Proper documentation will help defend your actions in the event of a lawsuit. LPNs must […]

Advance Your Career as an LPN

You’ve successfully navigated through training, passed the certification test and landed a job as a licensed practical nurse. What’s next? Well, for the dedicated LPN, that’s just the start to a rewarding career in the health care industry. The sheer number of LPNs are on the rise; however, you can take steps to set yourself […]

LPN Advanced Training Opportunities

As a licensed practical nurse, you will have many opportunities to participate in continuing education and certification programs that will enhance your career. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you are gaining valuable experience while at the same time helping to build your resume. Pick a specialty that interests you and research your training options. […]

LPN Career Advancement Opportunities

In recent years, America has been dealing with a serious nursing shortage. This situation has created a wide array of opportunities for people who are interested in nursing careers. Because it only takes about a year to complete training, many prospective nursing students have entered into careers as licensed practical nurses. According to the US […]

State Nursing Grants for LPNs

State grants are one of the readily available options for financial aid to consider when applying to nursing school. This type of funding is potentially available to all LPN students in just about every state. Some states will even pay almost all of your tuition if you are eligible for the particular program. Unlike federal […]

The American Association of College of Nursing Grants for LPNs

When considering potential sources of funding for your LPN education and training, don’t forget to consider the American Association of College of Nursing (AACN) as a possible source. The AACN maintains a website, www.aacn.nche.edu that posts information regarding potential fellowships, scholarships, grants, and a variety of other potential funding sources for nursing students. What is […]

FAFSA Grants for LPN Students

Before you embark on a rewarding career as a licensed practical nurse, you will need to complete your education and training. LPN training generally lasts about a year and can be completed in a variety of settings, such as: community colleges, private vocational schools, and even online. While tuition varies depending on the school, financial […]

How to write a Licensed Practical Nurse Resume

A carefully crafted resume is your first opportunity to explain to a potential employer why they should hire you. Unfortunately, for some people it may be there only chance. The purpose of your resume is twofold – It should summarize your skills, abilities and accomplishments, but more importantly it needs to make you stand out […]

Choosing the Right School for LPN Training

The first step towards a career as an LPN is to find the right school. This will allow you to receive the best training possible, which ultimately equates to finding a good job as a qualified LPN. Becoming an LPN requires completion of a formal training program and supervised medical instruction. LPN programs are offered […]