How to Become an LPN

For nurses who want to enter the medical field quickly while earning a good salary in a rewarding field, becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is a great choice.  In most cases, training takes as little as a year, and courses can be found at many different colleges, universities, vocational and technical schools.  Once you complete your education, the demand for Licensed Practical Nurses at hospitals, home health care agencies, nursing facilities, and private practices is growing every day, and you will easily find a position that you will love.  If you are thinking about joining the medical field as a Licensed Practical Nurse, it’s time to get started!

Start by deciding if you have what it takes to be a Licensed Practical Nurse.  LPNs often provide patients with a majority of their every day care, ranging from feeding and bathing to taking vital signs and administering medication.  Nurses should be people oriented, as well as responsible, compassionate, and committed to their jobs.  You must also be able to handle stressful situations, as well as be able to deal with the sometimes unpleasant realties of caring for patients.

Once you are ready to get your education, you should begin by finding an accredited program in your area.  You can do this by looking online for programs, or even by talking to other Licensed Practical Nurses and finding out where they completed their LPN Training.  If you find a program that you are interested in, you can make sure that it is accredited by visiting Then National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) to make sure the program is accredited in your area.  By completing an accredited program, you will be more likely to find a position and will probably be able to transfer your license to another state if you choose to move.

For each program you are considering, do a little research.  Check out their website, tour the campus, and talk to counselors and admissions personnel.  Determine which school fits your needs best, based on the cost of the program, the distance from your home, and your feelings about the quality of the education you will receive.  In many cases, programs are offered in an online format, in which you will complete a majority of your education online, and then follow up with practical classes at a location decided between you and the nursing faculty of your online school.  Many people prefer online programs because it allows them to continue working in their current position as they complete their degree.  When you have decided upon a program, talk to an admissions counselor about what you will need to do in order to enroll.  Depending on the program, you may need to supply references, complete a background check, or take entrance examinations.  When you complete your degree, you will be required to take an exam that demonstrates your proficiency in nursing before you can obtain your license.

The most difficult part for many people is getting started.  So today, take some time to explore the different programs available to you, and read more on the benefits of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse.

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