LPN Programs in Delaware

You can become an LPN in Delaware by attending an LPN training program that is included on the state’s approved list.  You will also need to pass the licensing exam before practicing as a licensed nurse.  Training programs will last for at least 9 months although some programs last longer.

There are many courses and topics you will cover during LPN training.  You will study anatomy and physiology and other science.  Your course will teach you about diet and nutrition.  There will be nursing fundamental courses.  LPN courses will prepare you to carry out the duties of a nurse.  You will learn a great deal in the classroom and then apply what you learn during your clinical training.

State Approved LPN Training Programs in Delaware

Camtech, Inc. www.camtechedu.com PN Program

240 North James Street Phone: (302) 998-8166

Tower Office Park, Suite B2 Fax: (302) 998-8341

Newport, DE 19804


ABOUT: CAMTECH School of Nursing & Technological Sciences delivers exceptional educational programs for careers in Nursing and Technological Sciences.  Students interested in embarking on a career in the field of nursing can chose from multiple program options.  The best program option available from CAMTECH depends on a student’s future employment goals.  In only 6 weeks, the coursework to become a Certified Nurse Assistant can be completed.  Those want to a career as a Certified Practical Nurse have various options in program length. The LPN program is offered as a full-time program (with either day or night classes) or as a part-time program.  Students will graduate from the FT program in one year.  A student attending the part-time track will have an additional 6 months of coursework before their training is completed. Funding for tuition may be available through the States of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Department of Labors.


Delaware Institute of Health Sciences http://dihsinc.com LPN Training Program

4708 Kirkwood Highway, Second Floor Phone: (302) 633-4010

Wilmington, DE 19808 Fax: Fax: (302) 633-4015

Saheed Rufai, School Administrator **Program approved January 2007

ABOUT: Delaware Institute of Health Sciences provides opportunities for educational advancement to students from many different backgrounds and experience levels.  They are committed to outstanding training that remains affordable but is still competitive. For prospective nursing students, Delaware Institute of Health Sciences offers a Licensed Practical Nurse program that can be completed in twelve months. All graduates of the LPN program will complete clinical practice and will be extensively training in current computer-based nursing technology.  Delaware Institute of Health Sciences gives all students access to the Institute’s computer lab so they can master these invaluable skills. Loans are available to cover tuition costs for those students who qualify.


Delaware Skills Center www.deskillscenter.org Practical Nursing Program

13th & Clifford Brown Walk Phone: (302) 654-5392

Wilmington, DE 19801 Fax: (302) 654-9418

Nursing Director: Karen A. Lindale Potts, RN, C, MSN, CDE

ABOUT: Delaware Skills Center is located at the junction of Clifford Brown Walk and 13th Street.  The nursing program at Delaware Skills Center is a full-time one year course and comprises of both classroom and clinical education in numerous nursing facilities in New Castle County.


Delaware Technical and Community College www.dtcc.edu Associate Degree

Owens Campus Phone: (302) 856-5400 ext. 1614 PN Program

P.O. Box 610 Fax: (302) 858-5460 PN Refresher

Georgetown, DE 19947

Department Chair: Tamala D. Paxton, RN-C, MS, CNE

ABOUT: Delaware Technical & Community College Jack F. Owens Campus is located right on Seashore Highway where it intersects U.S.113.  The PN program at Delaware Tech. can be taken as a Day (Full-time) program which can be completed in 3 semesters, or as an Evening (Part-time) program which takes 4 semesters to complete.


Delaware Technical and Community College www.dtcc.edu Associate Degree

Terry Campus Phone: (302) 857-1000 PN Program

100 Campus Drive Fax: (302) 857-1296

Dover, DE 19904

Department Chair: Jo Ann Baker, MSN, FNP

ABOUT: Delaware Technical & Community College Charles L. Terry Campus is located right at the junction of Dupont Highway and Scarborough Road.  The PN program at Terry Campus is designed to include theory and practical application and enables the student to be employed in a variety of health care settings.


Delcastle Technical High School http://dths.nccvt.k12.de.us/page1.html PN Program

1417 Newport Road Phone: (302) 683-3663

Wilmington, DE 19804 Fax: (302) 995-6235

Director: Janet West, RN, MSN

ABOUT: Delcastle Technical High School is located on Newport Road in the Wilmington area.  The PN program at Delcastle Tech. is specially designed to prepare students entering the nursing field not only academically, but also physically, socially, and emotionally to perform their tasks well.


Leads School of Technology www.lead-edu.com LPN Course

2 Penns Way Phone: (302) 322-0700

New Castle Corporate Commons Fax: (302) 322-0800

New Castle, DE 19720

Director: Barbara Robinson, RN, MSN

ABOUT: Leads School of Technology is situated right at the intersection of Penns Way and Commons Boulevard.  The  program at Leads is designed to progress from simple to more complex situations encompassing classroom settings, computer-assisted learning, and nursing skill laboratory.


Polytech Adult Education www.polytechworks.com

823 Walnut Shade Road Phone: (302) 697-4545

P.O. Box 102 Fax: (302) 69704544

Woodside, DE 19980

Director: Linda Brauchler, MSN, RN

ABOUT: Polytech Adult Education is located in the Woodside area where Walnut Shade Road crosses Turkey Point Road.  The nursing program at Polytech Adult Education is an intensive one-year program geared towards developing decision-making, critical thinking, and technical skills in the prospective practical Nurses.

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